Friday, April 4, 2014

duck tape!?

The last couple weeks have been so it
spring ? Or lots of family time ?  Or being
crafty! I'm not sure but I'm feeling very
Some of the things I've been up to..........
Last week-end we all converged on the
Tunnell's in Ellensburg for Britton's
baptism and attended the General
Womens Conference. Both
were so uplifting and sweet.
This isn't everyone ..but pretty close!
Even though we've been empty
nesters for years, I feel so content when our
children are around us.
Here's our 8 yr. old that was baptized.
Britton is an incredible girl, so
full of spirit. Sometimes you feel like your
talking to a 20 year old and then
she throws an 8 year old fit
and takes us back to reality!
But, I love talking to her and just being
with her, she's so sweet.
A few weeks ago the Sister missionaries taught me how to make these darling
scripture cases out of duck tape! I've seen
all that duct tape in the stores but couldn't ever think
of what to do with it. So, my first was for
Britton for her baptism.
Then I made them for my primary children
at church.
You can put pictures on them or not. I let the kids
at church decorate them themselves and
then you put clear packing tape over
Here's Conner  Natalie and I talking about the picture of
Jesus on his super hero case.

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