Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are we through yet?

I know....every year I complain about
I'm ready for the canning season to be over!
I did insist on the applesauce since we ran out last year!
We spent a fun morning together bonding over
Grape juice is made, salsa, lots of canned beans!
Bring on the famine!
We did have a bounteous garden and that
I am thank-ful for!


  1. After all that rain we had last year, the fruit and veggies have been fantastic this year. Your Manly Man looks very industrious with his apple sauce making machine. Very satisfying though when all the equipment is washed and all the jars lidded and stored away in the cupboard even if you do feel as though you never want to look a jar of chutney square in the face again. We're very lucky.

  2. I used to can my vegetables years ago, but like you said, it became such a chore. Now I give my extra vegetables to the good bank and we are both happy.

  3. Most of my veg bottling season is well over, but I still have mushrooms (Cepes, if we have any) to do, as well as my Paté. I love doing it.