Sunday, May 24, 2015


Since we don't have church til 1:00 P.M. this year we have the mornings to prepare lessons, listen
to uplifting messages, and as
I'm doing this morning, reflect on the blessings
of life.
Jim asked me last night,( as we were cuddling on the couch watching old war movies) what was
the most wonderful thing about my life.
(Besides him of course) I said, "My children".
He nodded and said the same.
I love my children so much. They are great
people, helpful, loving, growing, believing, generous,funny, kind, hardworking . They try to be the best parents possible, way better
then us. I just adore and admire them all.
Their so good to us and make
us feel  so loved. I'm just
so thank-ful for our family and I know its "all" about families!

A blast from the past! Since James just turned
thirty this was probley 25 years ago!

My babies!

My sweetie!


  1. Linda I envy you your large family, I have only one child,but he is very precious. What a joy are our children and now I hope to be blessed with a grand child or 2!

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