Thursday, November 12, 2015

Let's be Real

Some day's I don't get out of bed. My body tells me it's that kind of a day.
Sometimes I love those kind of days. It doesn't make it a "bad" day.
I manage to be productive in little ways......or some days I watch reruns all day.
But, I really love those days when I get up and my body says "Were going to get things done today!"
"Were going for a walk", "Were going to run errands". I do love those days!
So two weeks ago when I broke my foot (tripping down a couple stairs) I was able to go with the flow pretty easily. I got a knee scooter (God bless the inventor!) which gives me more independence, and is a huge hit with the grandkids! It's still a pain in the neck, not being able to drive my biggest complaint. 
I go in today to see if they'll put a pin in or not. My Manly Man has been very good to me but I think he too will be glad when........this too will pass!


  1. Linda, great to read your blog post again. So sorry to hear about your poorly foot. Home it gets better soon xx

    1. Thanks Molly! I'm hoping this will be a trend for me. I love you!

  2. Staying in bed is good for a day or so but then pain comes from being in one position too long. I hope you get good news from your doctor, however, that knee scooter sounds like fun. I hope someone got s video of it.

  3. not to sure about that video! :) Yes good news no surgery yet just put a new cast on! thank you for your well wishes!