Monday, November 16, 2015

My Love Affair with the Columbia River

Poems have been written and songs have been sung about the mighty Columbia River.
It will always hold a special place in my heart because a lot of my growing up was done on or around the river. Living in a desert it was like an oasis , the one thing of beauty.

I learned to water ski on the Columbia. One of my biggest delights of my childhood.
By the time I was a teen-ager I could ski on one ski. I was extremely proud of myself!

A family picnic at the park. Four generations! I'm the little girl up front on the right.

Many family picnics were held at Columbia River Park.(now called Howard Ammon Park) It's a beautiful park right on the river and now there's a wonderful path that goes for miles.
Benches and swings give you a chance to rest along the way and enjoy the view.

The wading pool I splashed in as a child is still
there, and a few of my grandchildren
have got to try it out.

Many happy outings happened on the banks of the Columbia. I remember hunting for arrowheads and agates with my mother and grandmother.
One outing we were picking wild asparagus  and we saw a rattle snake.

Jim's nephew Joshua a few years ago getting married at the park.

Jim and I leaving the reception.

The summer I graduated  from High School my dear friend Leslie Scanlon and I would
ride our bikes after dinner almost
every night down to the river.
Once there we would sit and watch the river and talk as only girls can.
I seriously had the nicest thighs by the end of the summer!

Floating the river as we got older was also great fun. Whether on tubes or in a raft it was a great way to start your summer tan!

The "Fingernail" is what we called this when it was built. I remember my children playing on it's stage when we visited the park. It was for "Arts in the Park." People pretty much made fun of it from what I can remember.

One of my favorite views of the river are about 40 miles North of where I grew up. We've crossed this bridge hundreds of times on our way to Seattle. It's always breathtaking to me.

This is the Columbia River Gorge at Vantage.

You see alot of these rock formations as you make the drive. Dated back to the ice age floods.

Another wonderful view of the Columbia on your way to Portland, Oregon. It's a treat to drive.
Though I remember some horrible ice storms we drove through as a child along here.

I'll add more pictures as I find them but for now this is my tribute to the
Columbia River.


  1. Living around a body of water is such a blessing. Your memories are lovely and I can see that you had a wonderful childhood.

  2. Hi Linda, are you still blogging? We met years ago at speckled hen

  3. Hi Linda, are you still blogging? We met years ago at speckled hen