Thursday, November 19, 2015

So let's get sewing!

We had grandchildren for the 
Even though I'm not functioning at my normal
Jim took the day off Saturday to help
and have some time with

My sewing machine was down stairs for me
and I got the kids machine running
so Rachel and Abby  and Natalie took turns sewing most of the day.
They came up with all kinds of things, headbands,fanny packs, blankets, and
They even put zippers in.......all this on their
It was so awesome watching them and too see the confidence they had in themselves.
It's so important that children
learn that they really
can do anything if they just try.
There's a reason our kids always said, "Oh my mom 
can make that or my dad can make that. Actually they probably said that because
we always said to them
"oh I can make that!"

It was fun just hanging out on a rainy day together.

8 yr. old Natalie

Maddy had gone to the store to clean and when Grandpa brought her 
home the others were sewn out  so she made
a circle skirt from a pattern from
on line. Talented little buggers!


  1. Sewing is not something that too many kids know about today. Good for you for teaching your grandchildren this talent.

    When my 30 something year old daughter loses a button on a sweater or coat, she brings it over to our house to have her father or I sew it back on. The funny thing is that she did take a course on sewing in middle school and made a few things, but now seems to have lost all memory of it. However, I love her visits and as long as I can thread a needle, I am glad to help her out.

  2. Love your pictures, Linda. Miss Natalie looks fantastic in her hair band.