I've always had a bird feeder, for years now. They bring alot of joy to me, nature so up close and personal. Now that we don't have any pets, we've loved having our bird feeders up again. We have this one tree out back and we have a little of everything for them. A little bird bath, three feeders and a suet feeder. There's usually ten to twenty birds in the tree at all times. Lots of beautiful finches, lots of yard birds, lots of black birds (who are quite noisy) red wing black birds and yellow headed black birds. We finally identified one that we couldn't figure out and its a Evening Grosbeak. Some come and we never see them again, just passing through. But, it's our little obsession right now, gives me something to do every morning. But, dang those birds are eating us out of house and home!

Be glad you were not in the car with me!

 It just happened out of the blue! I'm not even sure what triggered it. Sometimes I pray in the car....when I'm by myself. They're usually the best prayers I have. I'm not sure why. Maybe its because I usually talk out loud to him , and I feel so close to him as I pour my feelings out . I feel his presence so strongly . These prayers usually always involve tears......lots of tears. It's always so cathartic.   But, this time it was different. It wasn't my usual thank-you for my many blessings prayers.  Pain poured out of me, and I asked God how he can stand seeing his children being so mean to each other. Shootings! bullying, racist remarks, suffering so much suffering. And then I yelled......."please come, please come! Please send thy son now! Heal this earth ! It's got to stop.  Maybe I'd been holding that in for along time and just needed to released, but, it came out alright! It came out! My faith that God knows best has got me through a lot of c

the sign

 One of the things Jim and I love to do together, is explore. When I'm having a good day and need to get out I know Jim will always be willing to go somewhere. Idaho has so many interesting and beautiful places to go that we'll never run out of destinations. Yesterday we got the map out and chose somewhere we haven't been. The St. Joe river. It's a popular, potential fishing  place . As we wove our way through the mountains, we finally dipped down into a beautiful valley at the end of Lake Coeur d' alene . We went through the town of St. Marie and started following the St. Joe there. It meandered slowly through the valley and then as we started to get back up into the mountains again the current  became a little faster. We finally turned around at a fish camp when we saw the sign. As we started home I asked Jim if he thought it looked like a place he'd like to go fishing? He said, "Yes until I saw the sign". I knew exactly what sign he was talking abou

My lucky day!

As I pulled out onto the highway right outside our driveway I was stressing if I'd get to my eye appointment on time. I had bought something on Marketplace and needed to get cash before I picked it. A few miles out I realized I'd forgotten my glasses that needed adjusting. Finding a place to turn around I headed back home and picked up my glasses. Now, I was really stressed. I kinda sped out of the driveway and hurried on my way. The trip to Moscow is honestly one of the prettiest 15 miles ever. Beautiful rolling hills with snow topped mountains in the distance and I'm usually going too slow and hate when cars push me to go faster. Well not today. Not more then a couple miles from our house I looked in the mirror and saw lights flashing. "Ma'am did you know you were going 65 in a 55 speed zone?" I explained to him the circumstances and told him how sorry I was (and I was!). He cautioned me and said since it was almost my birthday he'd just give me a warnin

Beware of Baklava!

 Well, I finally managed to get back into blogger. Crazy computer! We had a nice trip to the Tri-cities. We went to the party Tuesday evening and darn if that Mindy didn't buy the most delicious Baklava, a rich, sweet, wonderful Greek desert. I had a few pieces and then alittle piece of carrot cake. That did it! I had the worst gall bladder attack ever! After getting over the worst of it I was feeling better Wed. morning and just laid around for the next couple days....afraid to eat anything! But, because of that I got to visit with lots of Grandkiddos and watch my great grandson Edison toddle around . He is very sweet. Rachel changed his diaper and put it in the waste basket. Well, alittle later he walked by the wastebasket and saw the diaper in it. He picked it up and shook it at Rachel as he let her know that was his job!! He put it back in and then took it out again and repeated his rage and then put it back in. It was pretty funny. Kids are such good entertainment! I never did
I made a couple sewing kits yesterday, all by hand since I can't sew on my sewing machine when I'm laying in bed! Would anyone like to order one? Let me know. Oh, and there free to grandkids!  
 I'm looking forward to starting my blog again. This will give me the opportunity to keep the family updated on what's going on in our lives. Not that our lives are that exciting but, I know I'd love to read one of your blogs if you had one.  Tomorrow were heading over to the Tri-cities to celebrate the birthday's of Grandpa, Grandma Cozy and Lilly. It's not a day we'd want to miss. We've got a hotel on the river which will be nice. I really do miss the Columbia River. And I can take a bath EVERYDAY! I do miss that bathtub! So, I'll blog while were you all!

snow snow snow

This is the view from our front porch on a cold, snowy day. Lucky us we moved back in time for the coldest, snowiest winter in decades! It is beautiful but, after a month of it, it's starting to get alittle old. We are blessed to have the nicest neighbor ever. He has regularly plowed our drive after each snowfall, I don't know  what we would have done without him, and thank-you never seems like enough. Any ideas? This week the schools were all closed, it'll be late release this year. Of course we've found plenty to do inside. This has been Jim's first full week home in months and he's enjoying it to the fullest. The garage is looking great and things are being organized. I feel no compulsion to ever finish unpacking,  my cabinets and closets are full so the rest can stay in the boxes. After fighting for a month to keep the goats water filled and unfrozen, we found out about these heated buckets and rushed out to buy one. What a relie

Where to begin, where to begin?

My sweet hubby challenged me to start writing on my blog again. So.... here goes.... First, Happy New Year to all! We had a lovely Christmas, thanks to family, friends and the spirit of Christ. We've had a lot of "white" in our Christmas and it continues as we got 8 inches last night! Jim took the last of the grandchildren to the "meeting place" (half way) this morning and made it home safely! Back to our boring, quite life.(that's what we want the grandkids to think).  We've been in our new house six months now. The move was horrendous, but we did it. We brought our 22 years of memories with us and left our sweet little house in Snohomish to come and live in the desert. It was "coming home" for both of us, though we never thought we'd ever come back. Were on a lovely three acres with two fenced in pastures, and a lovely home big enough for Grandma Cozy to have her own little place on the first level. A shop for Jim and a little she


The best thing and the saddest thing this year was that I didn't help with the cooking! Fortunately we have alot of awesome cooks in our family!  It was kinda fun being waited on, a taste for the years to come. I'm the one with the new blue cast! I've had purple, black and now blue. Hungry kiddo's I had lots of company in bed! How I love all these sweet children! Lucy was playing for her cousin Lilly when we woke up one morning. And she's doing a great  job!

So let's get sewing!

We had grandchildren for the  week-end! Even though I'm not functioning at my normal Jim took the day off Saturday to help and have some time with kids. My sewing machine was down stairs for me and I got the kids machine running so Rachel and Abby  and Natalie took turns sewing most of the day. They came up with all kinds of things, headbands,fanny packs, blankets, and cloaks! They even put zippers in.......all this on their own! It was so awesome watching them and too see the confidence they had in themselves. It's so important that children learn that they really can do anything if they just try. There's a reason our kids always said, "Oh my mom  can make that or my dad can make that. Actually they probably said that because we always said to them "oh I can make that!" It was fun just hanging out on a rainy day together. 8 yr. old Natalie Maddy had gone to the store to clean and when Grandpa bro

My Love Affair with the Columbia River

Poems have been written and songs have been sung about the mighty Columbia River. It will always hold a special place in my heart because a lot of my growing up was done on or around the river. Living in a desert it was like an oasis , the one thing of beauty. I learned to water ski on the Columbia. One of my biggest delights of my childhood. By the time I was a teen-ager I could ski on one ski. I was extremely proud of myself! A family picnic at the park. Four generations! I'm the little girl up front on the right. Many family picnics were held at Columbia River Park.(now called Howard Ammon Park) It's a beautiful park right on the river and now there's a wonderful path that goes for miles. Benches and swings give you a chance to rest along the way and enjoy the view. The wading pool I splashed in as a child is still there, and a few of my grandchildren have got to try it out. Many happy outings happened on the banks of the Columbia. I rem

Let's be Real

Some day's I don't get out of bed. My body tells me it's that kind of a day. Sometimes I love those kind of days. It doesn't make it a "bad" day. I manage to be productive in little ways......or some days I watch reruns all day. But, I really love those days when I get up and my body says "Were going to get things done today!" "Were going for a walk", "Were going to run errands". I do love those days! So two weeks ago when I broke my foot (tripping down a couple stairs) I was able to go with the flow pretty easily. I got a knee scooter (God bless the inventor!) which gives me more independence, and is a huge hit with the grandkids! It's still a pain in the neck, not being able to drive my biggest complaint.  I go in today to see if they'll put a pin in or not. My Manly Man has been very good to me but I think he too will be glad when........this too will pass!


Since we don't have church til 1:00 P.M. this year we have the mornings to prepare lessons, listen to uplifting messages, and as I'm doing this morning, reflect on the blessings of life. Jim asked me last night,( as we were cuddling on the couch watching old war movies) what was the most wonderful thing about my life. (Besides him of course) I said, "My children". He nodded and said the same. I love my children so much. They are great people, helpful, loving, growing, believing, generous,funny, kind, hardworking . They try to be the best parents possible, way better then us. I just adore and admire them all. Their so good to us and make us feel  so loved. I'm just so thank-ful for our family and I know its "all" about families! A blast from the past! Since James just turned thirty this was probley 25 years ago! My babies! My sweetie!

Going Forward

I talked to my sister today.I love her so much and am so proud of her. Her sweet husband died in December. We've always loved each other dearly. But, this event in her life has brought us back into each others lives. Were both grateful for that. Right after Pat died I spent a week with Liz. We talked alot . It was actually quite healing for me as I shared with her what I went through after the death's of my children. What to expect of yourself and others and what not to expect of yourself and others. My experiences were finally helping someone. I was so thank-ful to be able to do that for her. She goes forward without her husband. and I'm so proud of her, because I  know how hard it is. I'm grateful for all the examples of people all around us, going on each day making that choice to go forward, be kind, in all sorts of adversity. The human spirit is awesome!

My New Life

I wanted to share this inspiring video . Ni-Ni is one of my favorite blogs. Her experiences and challenges help me go forward.

drama in Rockville

Our granddaughter Sofia (15) drew this picture of Jim and I .Isn't  it adorable! She made us look so cute and drew her favorite parts of our yard around the borders. you can find all kinds of drama in Rockville most of it the good kind, like why I came to  Maryland to visit!  I missed Annika's little drama by a few days she was in a play called "Coffee House". I heard she did an awesome job and had an awesome hat. This next week-end Sofia, Annika and Jon will all perform on stage, drama of the best kind. I usually miss most of the Romero's performances because of our distance away from each other so I've enjoyed seeing some of their many talents. I got to watch Cozy dance in her hip hop class which was a hoot! Last night we attended a community rendition of "Swan Lake" with three of their friends in it. What talent!  I'm always amazed at how my amazing daughters juggle their awesome families in this

this isn't facebook!I

I need to start blogging again! I find it so much faster to write a little blurp on facebook and then I made a facebook book for the last four  years and it was really fast and easy. But, this is more of a journel for me and I feel drawn to write. In February I got to go to Salt Lake City, Utah to what they call "Rootstech". This year I rented a mini-van and took four people with me, three of them teen-agers. We had a great time (girls trip!) and I knew it was good when I heard the girls say "we've got to go next year and bring more friends!" I didn't make it to as many classes (too busy finding places to take naps!) but, I enjoyed all the  special speakers and concerts at night. Got to hear Laura Bush, Donny Osmond and the CEO of Family I figured my part was to get the girls there and make sure I brought them home to their parents. I loved our time on Temple Square and am always so joyful to feel the spirit and see the

lions , and tigers and bears oh my!

I cannot tell a lie.....Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine. I love watching the children have fun but I'm afraid that's as far as I go! We never have trick or treaters, since were at the end of the road , so imagine my horror when at 9:00 my manly man comes in and says we have two children here! Lo and behold it was our two grandchildren from Oregon! I was SO surprised! Pleasantly surprised!   I'll post a few photo's of some of the grandchildren in holiday costumes!       Here's Britton, Nora, Lucy and John This is my daughter Sarah and her family (their all super heros.) sisters Rachel and her sidekick Lilly.   Pretty cute!!   

Are we through yet?

I know....every year I complain about this. I'm ready for the canning season to be over! I did insist on the applesauce since we ran out last year! We spent a fun morning together bonding over applesauce. Grape juice is made, salsa, lots of canned beans! Bring on the famine!   We did have a bounteous garden and that I am thank-ful for!