Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How do you love me..let me count the ways.

Jim shows me how much he loves me when he makes me Tabbouleh my favorite meditrainian salad. Theres lots of cutting up in little pieces so it is a labor of love.Today though I made it as a labor of love , hoping my son-in-law whos on a strict diet will like it. I always want people to love it like we do but its one of those either hate it or love it things.At Christmas we make it with pomagrant seeds to make it more festive.We actually had it for the first time when our oldest child was a baby.We were poor in the military in Montery Calif. Our next door neighbors(I thinks they were Iranian) brought us a bowl of this yummy salad and we fell in love.


  1. I'm not sure...he kinda said he did but hasn't had any yet...we'll see.Love you sweetie