Monday, December 29, 2008

not so crafty?

Since Jims still gone Becky came over to craft.(Rachel ditched us, something about the roads)So we started to do picture collage things, their so cute.Beckys turned out darling but after painting my backgrounds three or four times each I never did get anything done. I'm not sure this is my craft. I think I'll go back to my felt! But, it was nice to just sit and chat with no kids. Melanie stopped over and we played a couple hands of killer skip bo.(always fun!) Actually I'm thinkin its time for geneology again. I definatly go in spurts. I'm anxious to get my Grandmother Robinsons name turned in so I can do her work.(and many more names) I heard from someone today that is related through the Jochen line. She must be pretty old because her grandmother is my great grandfathers sister. I'm excited to hear what shes got. We got good news tonight....Sarah and Chris are coming Wed. night or Thurs. morning for a few days.So glad they'll make it. The downside........I'v got to clean the guestroom and find a place for all my "stuff". I probley wouldn't get stuff done if I didn't have company once in a while!

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