Friday, January 16, 2009

Have I ever told you how much I love DOORS?

The Pantheon doors...20 ft. high? Oh, and thats Jim sitting down in the blue coat and blue shirt.Kinda gives you a perspective!

Yea, these arn't door but they were so cute! And they ride
These doors were on the old farmhouse we stayed in while picking olives in Spoleto.

Snohomish doors..............

I love doors! All different kinds of doors! Some for their historical and architectural features, some for personality and the house it goes with. Of course I fell in love with many doors in Europe and took lots of pictures but it was so endless I had to stop. Do you think I'll ever get my dream door? I pretty much doubt it but I like my door now, mainly because it lets light into my rather dark entry way. You ask "What's my dream door look like?". Well, it'd be double doors with a curved top and heavy wonderful wood. I can't put all my favorite door pictures on but I'll put a few on of doors in Snohomish, some from Italy and my door poster from Ireland. Jim and I had a "door" experience when we were in Rome at the Pantheon.We were the first ones there and it was supposed to be open (though barely). A man appeared and Jim asked him about the time and he said he was opening. He unlocked the door and with Jims help was able to open it all the way. It took two of them using all their strength to open it. Tall and heavy. Gosh, I just love those beautiful doors!

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