Monday, January 12, 2009


I was thinking back to MANY years ago when my children were all little.They were my happiest and my hardest times.We raised our family away from family. Most of the time that was ok , you find yourself a support system along with other people who are in the same situation. There were the times though that I just wanted to scream "HELP". I would wonder why those women who's children were grown or in school didn't offer to come help me (like they could read my mind).Of course now I know why they didn't.....they were too tired!
I loved our little family, I loved being a mommy. Where did I read a few months ago in one of my journel's " We just love hanging out together as a family". (Sometimes you only remember the hard times), thats what journels are good for (and now blogs) to help you remember the good times. My blog has helped me look at the good things in my everyday life and all I have to be thank-ful for. I know exactly what my children are going through raising their children (such a brave thing to do) and applaud them for their courage and the wonderful job their doing.I get such enjoyment out of their children not to mention the wonderful hugs and cuddles. Those are the best! I read a quote once that gives one something to think about................." Treat your children like you'd like them to treat your grandchildren."

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  1. I Love your blog. I was just getting down on myself yesterday about how I have done NOTHING and that I am nobody. Raymond quickly reminded me "you have done everything you wanted. you are a mother and everything that I have accomplished is because we did it together." True, but hard to swallow when society measures things with looks and degree's. (I am working on changing my thoughts on that. Everytime I get a compliment on my kids or see Raymond get excited about something at work, is my reward (degree). Now the looks part I just need to take better care of myself.)

    You were there for me Linda at a VERY low moment and helped me through it. Your wisdom is still helping me. I Love you!