Friday, January 23, 2009

My Best Friend

So Can you guess who my best friend is? What would I do without my best friend? I'll tell you what'd I'd do ! I'd be down on my hands and knees scrubbing my floor.Now can you guess my best friend?

I love the swiffer duster and just the plane ol sheets! I keep one in the glove box in the car so when I stop for traffic I wipe down my dashboard (its the only clean part of my car!)
I keep one in the loft to wipe the computer screen, tv, I just love these little sheets.

But, this guy is my true friend. My favorite thing to do is say to anyone thats in the house....."see the floor looks clean dosn't it? " and then I'll swiffer and lift it up and say..."look at that!". No I'm really not a paranoid housekeeper, in fact I don't enjoy cleaning but, since I like a clean house its kind of a nessecity and anything that can make it easier I'm all for. And that's why my swiffer sweeper is my best friend. It helps me clean my house! I love you swiffer. (poor those commericals)


  1. Hey, I thought I was your best friend!

  2. Linda Amen to that best friend also! Penny