Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today was Grandma daycare. It was kinda a crazy day I'm not quite sure but crazy.We went and fed the horses, its kinda neat because when they hear all the little voices and the wagon they come galloping to the fence. (we probley should ask the owners ??) Today we didn't have long carrots only the baby ones so we had to watch our fingers (and our hair).Then we went to visit the goats who we've decided only love us also for our food. The chickens were next but, their still not laying yet so we just chatted. Annika and Luna pulled up carrots and made their famous carrot soup. It was Luna's 5th birthday today so we made cupcakes and that seemed to make her happy! By the way, Luna who hasn't talked to anyone besides her family, me and other children in two years started talking to everyone last week.So her Aunts and Uncles are getting to know her again. She'll even talk to Grandpa now, instead of hand signals.Happy Day!Sweet Lucy, we called her diva today! You can't tell but her upper left arm is broken.Shes very careful about not using that part of her arm when her cast isn't on. She's very cheer-ful.
Lucy and Brittons daddy. James was just called to be the new Weblos leader.He came and talked to his dad right after he was called.He was terribly concerned that he'd be in scout the rest of his life. Jim assured him that that wouldn't happen unless he wanted it to. Jims been in boyscouts for over 20 yrs. But, he loves it and wouldn't have it any other way! I'm sure James wished he'd waited to put his shirt on later than at our house because we all told him how cute he looked. I told him this was his punishment for not getting his Eagle Scout.(he agreed) He had only his eagle project to do(it was all planned) and he decided he had better things to do with his time.

Sweet Annika (Lias daughter)has stayed the week with us .She keeps saying how quite it is . She went to work with Jim yesterday, she loves using the cash register and helped fill honey jars.
Annika is a very interesting child, alittle flighty like her mom, very sensitive. She told me the other morning out of the blue that she didn't really have any talents except playing the violen. I told her I thought she was a very spiritual person who had alot of faith. She said "I do have alot of faith in God and I havn't even seen him yet". Driving in the car she told me that she would "risk her life for any of her family". She saw a picture of her mom right after she got married and said, "what a beautiful teenager she was".(she wasn't a teenager!) We love Annika and have fun having alittle alone time with her. Now this picture is Annika sitting out front tonight drawing a picture of our house, Luna's giving support.Gotta love them!


  1. I love the pictures! Can I get a copy? And thanks for teaching me how to sew on badges!

  2. What a sweet post about Annika. I've also thought that she's a lot like me. As much as I have in common with Sofi now, I was Annika growing up. We're so glad to have her back! We missed her sweetness.