Thursday, January 15, 2009

Were pretty crafty!

Britton and Abbey watching a movie, thanks girls!
Ummmm.....cupcakes for dinner. Oh, by the way you
know these really are not cupcakes to eat but pincushions
I make out of wool sweaters.I felt them and then cut them
up for projects. I could sure use some help girls finding
these sweaters! If you'll send me a sweater I would love
to send you alittle cupcake. Actually I'd love to send you
a cupcake I'll look forward to getting
a sweater from you! Thanks friends!
You go Becky! Becky has been making the cutest things
using a nifty knitter. Hats,stockings,shes even making
sweaters now, oh, and scarves, purses!

Instead of our regular Grandma daycare we decided to spend the day together crafting.So Beth made aprons(pretty darn cute ones), Becky did mending and nifty knitting, and I worked on a batch of cupcakes and I also got to know baby Lucy alittle better.It was a nice quiet day just hanging out and enjoying each other.


  1. That was so much fun, we should do it more often. We should set one Wednesday a monthand do it!

  2. Can you adopt me please? :-)

  3. That sounds like so much fun. What a waste that I didn't have a fun project with me when I was stuck over there! I guess I should have given faeries a second chance. Maybe I could make a cute one with a little assistance?

  4. Britton loves her apron. And I am passing the word about sweaters. Hopefully you get more than you need and lots of pretty colors!