Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day 7

Here's our little valentine give

Can't wait to draw a name.....(I'v got a second prize too! show you that tomarrow!)

I'm feeling better today! We've had snow, but, I heard Snohomish did also! My manly man is busy as usual, I think he likes that alittle. Isn't it amazing how opposites attract. He still wants me to be him (and love all his hobbies) its just a hope . When I was a young mother with more then I could handle , no money, or time (and he didn't have any time either) he'd try to get me to take up spinning, quilting and I'd just laugh at him. I sewed for the kids and that was all I had time for. He just wanted someone to do what he couldn't. Well, theres a time for everything, and now he does all that stuff, and I'm happy for him that he can! He fills his life up with things to do and I spend my time trying to keep my life simple. With my chronic fatigue I have to really pace myself. Its not fun but, it could be so much worse. I have decided two things while I'v been away........
1. I'm going to have someone help with cleaning (so I don't have to spend a day in bed after cleaning)
2. I AM going to get a small riding lawn mower this summer, no matter what! (so I don't have to spend a day in bed after mowing lawns).Last summer I was going to get one and my manly man tricked me into deciding not too."I'll do the lawns this year" I know he meant well, its just it was 20th on his to do list. And you never get to 20!!
Its not to late to make a comment!


  1. Here is my 3rd comment: Mike and I would love to help you out with stuff. We love doing things fo you. You are the bestest mom ever!

  2. I love the love you guys have for one another. You are the bestest mom, grandma, wife and friend. You are a great example to me. You make life real. I love you Linda!

  3. Ok. Now that I saw the Norah Jones CD in there, I really want it. Of course, I can probably talk whoever wins into sharing. Now that we sisters are adults, I think we're much better about that.