Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Orange you seven Chloe?

Chloe just turned seven sunday and here's my second little picture. I think I'll make these for all the kids this year......my little gray cells are already thinking of different ways to personalize them...hmmmmmmm.

So, I'm off to Salt Lake tomarrow night, I'm excited to be going on alittle jont (sp?).I'm going to a friends, daughters wedding. I'm staying long enough to have alot of me time for geneology,sight seeing (always love being around temple square),and most of all refilling my cup.I might even jump on my bed, for Becky. I was hoping for some sun but as it looks now like I'll be leaving sun and going to rain,snow and more rain. Man! Next year I'm going to Arizona and visit my sister this time of year! I'v tripled up on my vitamin D recently, since my dr. said tons of people are running around with a deficiency and I showed a defiency in my blood work. It's so nice today that my manly man said he puttered in the garden alittle. Jims such a good putterer, seriously he could win a contest. Once when we lived in Richland we lived in a duplex and shared a garden with our neighbors. One Sat. morning Jim went to work in the garden and my neighbors husband also went out. I was watching out the window , I could see Randy's hoe just flying , he was through in a half hour. Hours later Jim was still out there. Part of me wishes I could be more like that, but, part of me just wants to finish. I have slowed down though and don't get near as much done as I used to..............age, health, lazy, ????????????
So, I'll see you in Salt Lake !


  1. Have an Awesome time! Jumping on the bed sounds fun.
    We moved my MIL out of the house this last weekend and yesterday the first thing I did when I came in was yell "Wahooooo!" We have had to be so cautious about how loud we were so we would not irritate her. I do love my MIL, but it has been a little stressful.
    Love you!

  2. So cute!
    Are you taking your laptop, so that I can e-mail you...to nag about genealogy stuff that I haven't had time to send you yet?
    I hope you have a lovely trip, Mom. Have fun. Be safe. Return with honor. (I'm practicing for when my kids are full-fledged teenagers! :)