Monday, March 9, 2009

crazy day

It looks like a crazy day out there! I can't believe its snowing, it really just makes me want to laugh. Mother nature , she really just does her own thing! Cool, now maybe my manly man will get that painting done downstairs. Jims mom lives in our basement (and yes we do let her out sometimes! A little friend of ours asked us that).So while grandma's in Arizona our son-in-law (a.k. personal handyman) has taken it upon himself to finish her bathroom. He textured the walls Sat. and is coming back tonight to finish up. Then painting,tiling the floor,putting in new sink and hanging the door back up. He's going to put up crown molding, its going to look so wonderful. I just hit my toe coming out of the shower and it felt like I broke it all over again, I'm not sure I'll be doing much tiling???? Dang! I really do want to help.
My manly man and I have done a couple tiling projects in the past.....I guess Jim will have to take my place. I want to show you a couple projects I finished Saturday, I'll do that later today, I'm heading for an icepack and tylnol!


  1. You need to stay off that foot Mom!!! Call me when you have a chance.

  2. Yea, breaks heal faster if you don't kick them against things.
    Grandma is going to be so excited about having a nice bathroom! No door is pretty lame when there's a door to the outside right by your bathroom!