Friday, March 27, 2009

happy birthday son

Today is our oldest son Jonathan's Birthday.

Jonathan was a wonderful , and fun little
boy to raise...our first baby. Jonathan almost
died when he was 10 but, we were delighted
that he was able to stay with us 8yrs. after that.
Jonathan died from cancer when he was 18, after
one month of college.He'd lived to go to college and told
us in a letter "it had met his every expectation." I know
without a doubt that he spends alot of time in the celestial
library, among other things he's busy doing. We never stop missing
him, but, are thank-ful he was able to spend time with us .He was a great guy!


  1. Happy Birthday Jonathan, I have been thinking about him today.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jonathan. I hope I annoy him less than I did at 14. :) Man, was I a pest.

  3. }}}}}}}}}}}HUGS{{{{{{{{{{{ to you all! Love you!

  4. I wish I could have met Jonathan! I know Jeremy thought very highly of him and he's told me often what a great guy he was and how much fun they always had together. I can't even imagine how much you all must miss him!