Friday, March 13, 2009

I just love all these bird pictures

We've been seeing so many
different birds at our feeder. Yesterday

as the kids were leaving we heard a

very loud woodpecker and finally found it up on top a telephone pole across the street.

It was HUGE . We just couldn't get over how

big it was. We've had such beautiful days, blue

skies, sun shining, snows almost gone. It's been

lovely.(though all that sun sure shows all the dust

lurking in my house). Hope your all going to have a

nice week=end. Ours is busy.Jims on a scout campout

I'm going to the temple tomarrow and working on grandmas

bathroom in the afternoon. Becky and Mike and Rachel have all

worked on it today. Were busy bees!


  1. I especially like the bird with the pink polka-dots behind it!

  2. You find the best bird pictures! They are so cute! And that Wood pecker must be finding some good grub this winter, eh?