Sunday, March 22, 2009

ok i'm excited

After a wonderful family week-end(all 18 grandchildren here at one time!)I'm laying here in bed exhausted trying not to get excited.

All our married life Jim had always talked about his dream of living in the country. So, a few years back as retirement got closer I started talking about moving.........since his dream had become my dream. Of course now we've got these darling children living all around us, making it hard to think about leaving. But, I found the perfect place for us! Between here and Portland is a beautiful recreational area, homes are much cheaper, lakes abound (fishing) and just gosh darn beautiful country. So, every once in awhile I look at real estate, knowing were not quite ready to make the move until...........I saw the house of my dreams. Close to a town called Morton which is about an hour from Mt. Rainier National Park. Its being run as a bed and break-fast right now. Built in 1902 by a rich timber baron. So, tomarrow we've got an appointment to go see it and see if it's really the house of my dreams. Oh, did I mention that they say its haunted?

I'll let you know tomarrow if its the house of my dreams!


  1. Tony thought the hauntedness was pretty funny...but not as funny as I did. We sure enjoyed our visit. None of the kids wanted to leave (especially since I'm putting them to work, cleaning the house!) Still, I'm glad we got home for church.
    I'm sick. (A new kind..not just the coughing and sniffling anymore.) I hope you don't get it.
    Love you!