Saturday, March 28, 2009

should I or shouldn't I?

Well, before my kiddo's come(Lance and Luna) today
I thought I'd play with my pillows! I'v had these pillows
in my living room for years now. I do love them (the velvet)
but, I'm ready for something new. I want to use the pillow
form since its down and so comfy. Question 1. Should I cut
the velvet off? Question 2. Should I use any of the material
below? Question 3. Should I just start with all new material
and form???? You know what'd I'd like to do?................Turn my
whole living room to pink!!! well, my kids are here!

All I'd have to do is buy the pink flowered covers at
IKEA for my couch and chair and put a different rug
down? Is it the rain?? I think I just need a change.

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