Friday, March 20, 2009

swallow my pride

O.K. I'm swallowing my pride to post this picture!This is my sick room,
taken this is(obviously)
my daughter-in-law asked me this morning for some
tips on keeping your house clean, since my house always
looks so nice.(ha-ha) So, here are my tips:
1. get rid of your children.
2. stay up after children in bed and clean til your exhausted
don't spend anytime with your husband.
3. don't read to your children, don't pursue anything but
4. tell all friends and family you can't see them anymore
because your too busy cleaning your house.
Sorry, Beth, there's just no easy answer! Its always a work in progress, just don't give up!


  1. ha ha! I was afraid of an answer like that. We can always dream of some easy miracle, though.

  2. I LOVE YOUR NEW ADDITIONS TO YOUR BLOG!! I feel like you have to make cleaning one of your hobbies and a priority. I know that Mike is less stressed if he comes home to a clean house. I am promising you that my house is not clean everyday but I do love cleaning now!

  3. And that's a great answer Becky! You do a great job!