Friday, April 3, 2009

beans beans beans

I'v watched Lance and Luna alittle this week while Rachel's busy painting their house their moving into this week-end. We've just hung out, watched alot of movies. When I was doing the nursery at church Lia told me something they did in their nursery and I adopted it. You get a big tub of beans and let the children play in them. It's very interesting to watch , every child plays differently with the beans , some pour , stir , and hardly make a mess , others want to throw up in the air , or like Lance and Luna they fill up their cloths and stand up and have beenie babies!At any rate you have to be there every minute or it can really get out of control fast. (They did clean up their mess, like good little children do!)

1 comment:

  1. Beans...they always did drive me crazy. Of course, nursery in general was starting to drive me crazy by the time I left. Looks like fun though! :)