Saturday, April 4, 2009

a lovely day in the sun

My helliborgh in bloom, makes me so happy! The bees were all over it!

The guy that writes this book is alittle goofy but its interesting and amazing all the success stories he shares.

while the guys helped rach and mike move we hung around and tried to soak in as much sun as possible. I know it made me feel better. they had free dumping today in town, just about anything but (darn) paint. Mike took a truck load for me and since Jim was at the store we'll see if he notices any of his "stuff" is gone. everyones getting ready for their bees to come and the stores been extremely busy. the bees as of yesterday will be ready to be picked up on 15th. I got my first sting today on my right wrist. the stinger we left in for probley 15mins. my arm is now swollen and my wrist is killing me. might not have been a good place to start. that's where I had my carpal tunnell surgery. we'll evaluate it more tomarrow. In the mean time I'm reading a book about bee therapy for arthritis. lots of good facts.

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  1. maybe you should go for the middle of your thigh next time. No joints close by to get in the way. Hope your wrist starts feeling better!