Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our daughter rachel helps my manly man run our bee supply store in town and this is her darling bee yard. She does everything "cute" which I just love! Yet, somehow I just can't see my manly man painting his hives so cute, and I guess I'd probley be scared if he did! So, "bee happy" !

I so enjoyed the nice day yesterday! After catching up on some things I was able to spend some time cleaning up the yard and working in my flower beds while Jim mowed the lawns. He had a fire going and I love the smells of fire and fresh cut grass.I even have a few things blooming that I'll share with you. I still can't believe how many plants I lost this winter, things I'v had for ten years, done in by the cold.Well, off to the cannery, have a nice day!

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