Monday, April 20, 2009

a wonderful outing on a wonderful day

We had a wonderful outing from Port Orchard to Bremerton. It was 75 degrees out,

warm enough to play in the water at the fountain park. The views, the water, the

boats, were all just breathtaking. The little ferry we took was so cute, and we

stood in the back enjoying the fresh air on our faces. one fell

overboard (Lia's big worry) And of course, we had to end with ice cream! It's

been so nice to have time with the kiddo's.


  1. So nice to meet you! My girls and I were just at this fountian park earlier that day. It was beautiful! Congratultions on your newest Heaven sent!

  2. My favorite is the picture of all the kids looking over the side. Such camaraderie.