Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tuesday's to do's

pretty sweet huh? we watched Natalie while her family went to the show and since grandpa had been working so hard and Natalie had fallen and hit her head they both needed a nap!

I ran in and borrowed grandma's camera to take these, she made sure she said "don't drop it in a lake" ha-ha grandma

We'll working on the list continues today:

Jim took the truck apart and a part broke and something else........so its a continued process til he has time to work on it again????????

He took the boards off the deck and found the underneath ones rotten(of course) so he just got back from buying everything he needs to fix it. go manly man!

I did get weed eating done but not finished and hope to spray today! Also hope to mow a lawn tody! Got my shasta daises all transplanted and the path cleaned out, looks better.

And now I'm off to run errands! Have a nice day!


  1. Wow. You've already gotten so much accomplished! Have fun with your list.

  2. dang! go Mom and Dad! Call Mike and ask him to fix the truck. I don't think he'd ever be able to say no to your sweet voice

  3. I like your new hammock. When did you get it??