Tuesday, June 2, 2009

so scared

This is Lilly ! My one yr. old granddaughter, isn't she pricelesss! Her mom takes the cutest pictures!

Yesterday I spent two hrs. picking out paint for my living room and hallway and trim. My son-in-law put up molding last fall and it needs to be painted, so I'm going to paint the walls too.(can I tell you I am SO not in the mood to paint).
But, I'm so scared because I'm going to paint the walls green! And though I love green, in the 16 yrs. we've lived in this house the walls have only been white.I'v always felt that's what the house was telling me. I guess the worse thing that can happen is that I'll have to paint over it (ICK!) Well, wish me luck.

I'v been fooling around with my sinus's a couple weeks, taking everything I could to keep the headache away, nasal washes, tylnol sinus, sudafed sinus, but now that I can't hear out of my ear I'm going to break down and go to the dr. today.I just don't want to be on antibiotics again. It'll be my third time. Oops! I should be thank-ful I have a dr. to go to, meds. to take , money to buy them................


  1. I am so excited to see the living room painted

  2. Yes, please go to the Dr! You don't want a serious sinus infection.
    I'm super anxious to see the green! It sounds beautiful!