Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The weather hasn't been bad while Nancy's been here but it'll be nice to have sun on her last day. Were headed to Lia's today on the ferry, stopping in Kingston to partake of the best crepes in the world and on to Port Orchard to Lia's. Sarah's visiting with her children, their all doing "sewing camp" this week. Hmmm, if I'm counting right that'll be twelve kids and five adults! Crazy. We'll spend the night and then I'll take Nancy to the airport in the morning. I'm going to miss her terribly! Have a great day!


  1. You girls look so cute! It must almost be like being a teenager again and having a good friend over for a week! Except with better stuff to do than teenagers tend to do. Retirement and grandkids looks that much better because of your awesome stories!

  2. Your so sweet Beth! Yes, it really has been fun, I'm already planning a trip to see her in the worst part of the winter this next year.What time is Lucy's birthday bb? I pick up my cherries I ordered that morning so I'll bring cherries.mmmmmmmmm Love you!

  3. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I've been away from blogland for a few months, but it's always nice to come back after a long vacation and visit blogs like yours. Your pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to come back.