Monday, July 20, 2009

how many sewing machines can I fit in my house

Rachel found this at a garage sale and offered it to Sarah who said that probley four sewing machines were enough for her!(or actually enough for Chris). So, I got it! It was built the year I was born so I think it was meant to be. It works but the threat won't stay in when I start sewing so I've got to get the manual. I was surprised to find a site that sells parts and the manual.I just love my new machine!

Now, Lia's trying to set the record but she's got to get one more to win! She had a really sweet sewing party for her birthday, sweet, as in she gave her own birthday party! She set her dining room up as a sewing room and they made all kinds of cute things. When I brought her surger to her I even got a party favor! Oh, hold it Lia, you have won! Your surger counts as a sewing machine so that makes five! Congrats!

This sewing machine Rachel found in her barn and fixed it up for Lia for her birthday.Its an old industrial machine and works! Rachel even fixed it up on this cute stand she painted. You go girl!

This machine Lia got at a garage sale Sat. and it runs great.I think it was probley one of the first machines with zig zag. Shes hoping folded up Tony will thinks its just a table!(I know she'll tell him)

Hello kitty machine(Sofias) and her good old Kenmore. I do love a kenmore!

Sew, I think there's lots of sewing going on . Isn't it great!

Well, onto my day....clean out awful fridge, organize sewing,craft,genealogy corner so I can create! Have a lovely day blog friends!

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