Wednesday, July 15, 2009

no joAnnes

Sarah's girls always make me feel so special, I love to visit them and be included into their lives. And busy lives they are. Between home schooling,piano,girl scout, achievement days, and family activities they stay busy. But not so busy that they don't have the time to play, read, and sew.Their a great family.
In the bathroom this morning Hannah was watching me put on my make-up. I don't always wear make-up but, it makes me feel not so washed out. So Hannah said,"Why are you painting your eyes Grandma"? "Its make-up Hannah". "So you'll look younger"? "I guess that'd be nice", says I "And is that why you dye your hair too?" "Yes Hannah" (she'd been finding my gray hairs earlier) So sweet and so honest.
We had a nice trip to JoAnnes this morning. At least it was nice til we got there. I should have known that Lilly "hated" JoAnnes since her mom goes there all the time. Next time I'll remember. No JoAnnes. I kinda grabbed a couple bolts of material so I could get out of there. Then there was the standing in line to get it cut, then to pay for it....... Elise was an angel. Thank-you Elise.

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