Friday, July 17, 2009

too hot!

O.K. I don't think I could stand this heat! Its been in the high 90's everyday! We've tried to go to the park everyday, yesterday I didn't think I'd make it home.(of course its all up hill!) It's gone pretty well, but, today Elise hung on mom and didn't want her to go. But, we went garage saling , went to a new park and then got an icecream cone. Yesterday I was putting my make up on and Elise said,"Do you want to look pretty like my mom?". so sweet
My manly man called me and asked if I remembered that the missionaries were coming to dinner Sat. (of course I didn't remember) I usually remember when they call the night before to ask what time we'd like them to come.So I told him I'd make sure I'd be home in time(because I was planning on stopping by Lia's to drop off a surger Sarah found for her).No, No that's all right he said. But, next time please remind me ahead of time when their coming. O.K. honey.
So, home tomarrow

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