Thursday, July 23, 2009

was it Henny Penny??

Last night a sweet young girl from church came over and made jam for the first time.I was so proud of her and she saw how easy it was! She's giving them for Christmas presents.........and who wouldn't love raspberry jam for a present? My manly man helped me make a couple more batches after she left and I'v got two more buckets of raspberries do. Jim went and got some vanilla ice cream and we poured the last of the jam hot from the pan onto your mouth watering?

My manly man stays busy this time of the year drying his and the neighbors pie cherries. Their alittle tart, but, so good! I asked him to dry them alittle softer and he said they wouldn't keep as long and I reminded him they never last long enough to care!

We've been harvesting beets, and I didn't know that the greens taste just like spinach. Really good!Were trying to get enough beets together to pickle a batch.
Love this time of year when the harvesting starts. On our walk today Jim and I were noticing alot of gardens, I think more people are having gardens this year. I'm sure the resession is part of that. I was really touched when I went and saw the community garden that Sarah has a plot at. Is it silly to get chocked up about something like that? It was just so awesome, I was so impressed. Well, happy gardening!

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