Saturday, August 1, 2009


we all have our passions, though I've wondered at times what I was passionate about, it always comes back to the same thing, ~children~ . certainly there are many things I love to do,but the thing I would get up on a soap box,and shout to the world about would be children. from the time I was young, being a mom meant more to me than anything.I remember reading an article about the women's movement, how so many women felt lied to , that having a career was what life was all about, when really they found motherhood to be the most fulfilling. sad that their moms didn't tell them that. My daughter and I were talking about this the other day, that if moms would teach about how special babies and children are, maybe they would grow up to respect the sacredness of life and individual. Pres. Hinkley said, "be a kinder people". what Linda Tunnell would say, "be kind to children". remember me for that.

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