Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm totally spoiled

Rachel and Cozette

James slaving in the kitchen, we ate well!

Water break on our hike

Sweet Anthony

We had such a rainy day yesterday and I realized how totally spoiled I am after all the sun we've had the past five months.And here today we see sun, oh , thank-you! I'm so not ready for winter! But, I will stock up on hot chocolate, tea, and presto logs. They all make me happy and cozy in the winter.

As my manly man was getting ready to leave for work this a.m. I said, "so, were through canning for the year". "oh, no says he, I've got the grapes to juice and more spaghetti sauce to make". "Dang" says me! I'm so ready for it to be through! I guess its the fruit flies that are driving me crazy. Rachel, did tell me something that helps with fruit flies and I tried it and it does work. Fill a bowl with soapy water and then pour in a cup of vinegar, they get in and can't get out. But, I need at least 10 bowls!

I'm posting a few pictures of the reunion, alot of the good ones are on Lias camera. We have the same camera and I grabbed hers by mistake the first day.

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