Saturday, September 19, 2009

This has been a wild week, but also wonderful.We've had Beth and Jame and their sweet girls with us.Its been so sweet bonding with Britton and Lucy....especially Lucy. She just turned one in June and has turned into a wild little toddler, she climbs on and up everything , and along with that comes lots of falling, bumps and bruises, what a doll.
James and Beth have a new working tolit so their moving in today.Their ready!

My friend and neighbor Margie went to visit her mom in Oregon for the week so I kept an eye on her well behaved children Brandon and Cassie. They went to school allday.

Jim gets 400 lbs. of fruits and vegtables today as his pay for moving his bees out in the pumpkin fields to pollinate. Yes, that's what I said 400lbs!!!! (I'm kinda (well, REALLY) glad I'm leaving to go to a wedding over the mountains) We'll take the day off for the sabbath and then I'll be home to help Monday. So, the peaches will probley need to be canned first, then salsa,pickles and applesauce can wiat alittle. I'm always glad when canning season is over, its fun and so fullfilling but, you know the mess. I don't feel like I can keep my kitchen like I like it all summer. I know, complain , complain!

Well, I'd better get dressed and print out instructions on how to get to the wedding.
Jim said I really need to leave at least an hour for lost time. You'd think he knew me or something!

Have a great Sun. Luv ya all!

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