Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's so cute seeing the little children in their costumes, halloween is just catching on over here.I don't think they they go tricker treating, they just all looked delighted to have costumes on.
We walked and walked and walked again today.Advice: get in shape before you travel to europe! I'v had aches where I wouldn't even tell you I had aches! We havn't been pushing ourselves and really havn't seen tons of sights but are enjoying the atmosphere and people. We've been so blessed, no rain yet (last night and alittle this a.m.)It was suppose to rain all week-end. Tomarrow we take the train to Bath, hopefully our luck will continue.
We love the hostel, the people are so nice and helpful and the breakfasts(free) are to die for.Sausage,bacon,ham,fried tomatoes and mushrooms, baked beans,eggs, cereal,yogart,fruit,all kinds of juice. It's been wonderful to start out the day with a full tummy.
Today we went to the market on Porabello Road (notting hill, bedknobs and broomsticks)It was awesome, lots of people.Also found a bee store that me friend told us about last night. It made Rachel happy!
Well, I think I'll put my aching bones to bed. goodnight sleeptight


  1. so glad you guys are having a great time. I think that is how I would want to spend my trip, too. No so much sight seeing, but experiencing the country. Take lots of pictures!

  2. SO, SO JEALOUS!...and happy you guys are having a nice time!