Tuesday, October 27, 2009

....to visit the queen....

I'm packed and just keep telling myself,"it will be enough" "it will be enough".Theres nothing worse then over packing and your always sorry.
Oh, shoot I just remembered I've got to call about my debit card. We forgot
when we went to Italy and they froze our account, til we called them,..it was a hassle.I was impressed though that they watch your account that well. I'm not thinking about all those things that stress you out, I know between Rachel and I we can do anything and have fun at the same time. I'm hoping she won't think I'm a fuddy duddy. I'v started a knitting project, which I always love when I go traveling, I'm making a cute little sweater for our newest Jonathan that will be born in a month. My manly man is going elk hunting while I'm gone, his yearly brother bonding time and then he'll watch Rachels children til we get back. Beth and James are taking them for a few days and their dad will have them over the week-end.
I'm trying to take it easy between little jobs so I'll be up for this amazing adventure!

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