Sunday, December 27, 2009

apples to Oregon

We arrived in Forest Grove , Oregon yesterday to visit our daughter and her fam. They have six beautiful girls, and have just added a cute little shih-tzu , that santa brought them. So, its constant vigil as they try to potty train him.He's sure cute, kinda looks like a little ewok .Tomarrow we do alittle shopping and Tues. I'll travel to Utah for my brothers funeral. I'll be back Thurs. and Sarah's got us a beach house at Lincoln City for two nights. My manly man is determined to go clamming, and Chris is right behind him.I'm so excited, I love the beach in the winter. Well, I'v promised Rachel we'd do some geneology together tonight......just thought I'd check in! Love to all

Apples to Oregon by Debra Hopkins is a wonderful book!

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  1. glad you're having fun Momma...I'll have my house party messes all cleaned up by the time you get home