Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It felt so good to get out today,plus it was beautiful out, blue sky,snow tipped mountains....most important rain. I went to wal mart which I do every few months to get my bagels. Western Bagels or the Alternative Bagel. In Weight Watches they are only 1pt. 7grams protein,7fiber and their eatable also.You find them in the refrigerator isle with the cream cheese. Came home put away the perishables and went to bed. It was great to get out!(oh and you don't think that was the only thing I bought...I wish!)
Our daughter Becky is having a c section Friday morning.They did an ultra sound and its another big headed baby, 15inches.He's head down but hasn't been able to enter the birth canal.Becky also had a big head herself.I was carrying her breech and from the size of her head they thought she was a ten pounder.But, she weighted seven and a half pounds just a huge head.She wouldn't have lived if I'd had her vaginally.So, we'll have a Jonathan Michael Friday. The children were so sad because they can't go in the hospital(the swine flu thing).So, she's hoping to go home Sun. morning.

Rachel and the children slept here last night, so our family has grown from three to six.(grandma downstairs). They didn't bring much with them, their traveling light!Its good to have them here.

I'v decided to make all the grandchildren jammies this year for their birthdays.I looked and looked at patterns today and finally decided on a couple, I do want to personalize them.

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