Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lovely in salt lake city

I flew into Salt Lake yesterday and we have visited with family non-stop since we got here and I leave early tomarrow morning. It's been sweet and wonderful and alittle saddness in between. The hardest thing was watching the little grandchildren cry for their grandpa,so sad.The funeral was the most wonderful I'v ever been too, Steve(my brother)was a very unique and wonderful guy.Devoted to the gospel. I'm so grateful I was able to come. Also got to spend a couple nights in a hotel room with siblings, very fun. When I get to Sarah's tomarrow were loading up to go to Tillamuk to a beach house for two days to let the guys go clamming. I love the beach in the winter, can't wait to smell the smell! Such a wonderful vacation. What is it they say? Doing anything different from what you do everyday is a vacation.

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