Monday, December 14, 2009

alittle peek

here's alittle peek at my project (in case I never get it done) I'v enjoyed doing alittle sewing the last couple days, hopefully I'll finish something! That's always my problem. Want to get some baking done today, I love baking at Christmas.I remember my mother baking months ahead for Christmas.She'd put everything in used cool whip containers and tupperware and put it in the freezer.Of course being children we'd sneak in and taste, alittle out of everything so she wouldn't notice.(she always did) I lay in bed yesterday making a list in my head of all I wanted to bake and it made me so hungry for a taste of it all! so here's my list..

pumpkin bread
sugar cookies
peanut butter balls
white chocolate with peppermint

so turn on the Christmas music and enjoy! Have a wonderful week friends!

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