Wednesday, December 16, 2009

still dreaming

Well, I'm still just dreaming about cooking...I'v had my butter out twice on the counter to soften and my manly man keeps putting it away again.So, I pulled it out again this morning. I'm determined to get something done today! My bed's seen more of me than anyone else the last few days! I sure don't like those days but I know it could be worse! At least I have a warm , cozy bed to curl up in. Right!
My visiting teachers came the other day and they looked at our Christmas tree and just broke out laughing! We do have the plumpest little tree I'v ever seen..short and plump. One of them said,"What did they feed it?" Six year old Luna picked out our tree this year and my manly man said she could not be talked into changing her mind. Just think about it from her was the biggest tree she could find.
You see we have really high ceilings so it could have been alot taller, but you know it dosn't matter! Luna likes it!

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  1. Love your tree! Hope you start feeling better.