Sunday, January 17, 2010

blender pie

My Manly Mans friend who'd just gotten back from Calif. bestowed this lovely gift of lemons to him,(us) along with a recipe for blender lemon pie. He made two beautiful pies that turned out great. Alittle zesty tasting for me, but, were going to try to modify that alittle next time. It set up beautifully , and was a beautfiul yellow.Some people loved it, some like me....all his mother said was,"your crust is nice and flakey." She's usually pretty blunt, so that was a nice way of saying I didn't really like it. My oldest granddaughter Rachel has become her families resident pie maker, made one today that they gave away.You should see some of her pies! They are so cute, she always makes her crust toppings so cute.She spells out things like apple,does nuts, accorns, just cute!(she's only 11!)

So, here's the recipe:ENJOY

2 lemons(at least 1 a meyer lemon)
2 C. sugar (superfine if available..we didn't)
4 eggs
1 stick butter melted
one cooked pie crust
whipped cream

preheat oven to 350
wash and quarter lemons,take out seeds
place in blender and blend
add other ingredients blend
add melted butter blend 1-2 min.
pour into the crust, place it in the
middle of a cookie sheet
cook for 35-45 min. til center is done and
its lightly browned


  1. Thanks for the recipe Linda!
    Sounds and looks yummy:-)
    I'm a lemon lover.
    That's wonderful Rachel is a fantastic pie maker at age 11. I'd love to see photos of her pies. Some adults do not have much luck making pies and give up. Love your photo of lemons in the basket. I love making pies!

  2. Small correction to the recipe. Use an unbaked pie shell.