Wednesday, January 27, 2010

can't "bee"lieve it.....

Welcome to our little store! Our daughter Lia painted this sign for us.(Its nice to have talented children)

My manly man outside the store(isn't he sweet!)
The first of February marks the beginning of our busy bee season. Orders are coming in for bees (we bring back 500 boxes of bees in Apr.) Frames and boxes are being put together, this time of the year theres never enough. Bee classes are beginning, so we are busy bees!

We have this picture hanging in the store, the bee man comes in to visit frequently.

Our Drone petting zoo, usually have it at the fair with live drones in it.

Our best seller " Beekeeping for dummies"

Bee suits,veils,gloves...all those things to keep you safe while your working with your bees.

more equipment....

yummy honey....

grandchildren in their bee costumes

aren't these cute! Bobble heads!

Alittle bit of England...

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  1. Very very nice!! I Loved seeing all that! the kids all done up were sooo cute! Penny