Sunday, January 10, 2010

girls just gotta have fun!

I'v never been very good at FUN. I'v even gotten books (and read them!) about how to be more fun, say funny things , look at things in a funny way.......... Someone said in church a few weeks ago, " be true to who you are ". I'm just not funny!
But, my kids are determined that I will learn how to have fun. Their good for me. So, today we celebrated my daughter Becky's 30th birthday.(wow I have children that are 30! ) We played on Becky's new toy the wi game "Beatles guitar hero".They got me on the guitar and that could get very addicting, it was fun! Then they got me to sing,which I'm sure they were sorry about. Terrible score! I'm glad my kids know how to have good clean fun, and it's so delightful to watch them, and be part of their fun.

1 comment:

  1. my favorite part was when you were doing the twist and shout! You should let yourself dance more :)