Sunday, January 3, 2010

fun with the kangs

We had so much fun on our mini-vacation this last week.Jim really enjoyed getting away from the store & and its pressures. While I was in Utah they all went ice skating, Jim and Chris went clamming and got stranded in the snow. We got the little girls room moved around, beds bunked and cleaned.The night before we left Chris and Sarah bought 100 lbs. of hazelnuts (there grown in the area).They were already cracked so we mainly seperated the shells from the nuts which was an adventure in itself with all the kids and trying to keep shells off the floor so Oreo wouldn't choke on them! We brought 25lbs home with us. We roasted some for two hours in the oven and they were great! Jim and I fell in love with the countryside from Tillimook to Forest Grove (where Chris and Sarah live) Its so beautiful, little towns here and there, and just lovely scenery.We really like a place about thirty mins. from them....who knows?

We went to Clair's to get Rachel some new ear rings and had alot of girly fun.Elise was trying on dress up stuff.

Chloe trying on glasses

trying to decide which ones to get

Lilly was running around with glasses on she looked so cute

Sarah and Lilly

There's alot of reading that goes on in that house (no tv!)I have to admit I enjoy it.

more decisions at the salt water taffy store!

Hannah got a new cookbook for Christmas, so she and Grandpa stayed up one night making beautiful meringes. She was proud and with good reason!

Lilly is just the cutest thing and is just fun to watch.(she does run that family!)

My manly man brought his spinning wheel and Lilly was facinated with it and very serious as she worked it.

new doggie Oreo

Here's Autumn standing out in the cold waiting for doggie to go potty. They take turns and are pretty good about it. Poor Sarah, just got Elise potty trained and now another. They run around cleaning up after her.........oh my!

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