Monday, February 8, 2010

glorious sun

All I can say about this week-end is that I made it through. As of five minutes ago the booth is down and put away til next year! High five! We had alot of throw up going on this week-end, fortunately none of it was from me. I was the cleaner upper and kid entertainer. Oh, my stomach is getting queasy just talking about it.

Its another glorious day out, blue sky and sun shinning.What have we done to deserve this great blessing? I'm headed out to take a kindergartner to school, then to Ben Franklin(favorite craft store)to get yarn, and then to the library to get oldest granddaughter a book to hold her over til she goes home at the end of the week. The valley will be wonderful on such a beautiful day, can't wait!


  1. So, Rachel is staying until you go down for the baptism? Cool - I hope she's a help to you. Puking? Bleh, I'm so sorry.

  2. I love my parents very much...but oh how I wish they were involved with the grandkids like you are.