Sunday, February 28, 2010

lovely week-end

We were lucky to have mamalia and the Holligans over. That would be our daughter Annalia and her six holligans.When they arrive, the door opens , they all file in carrying a bag or backpack. They have smiles on their faces (usually!), and are full of enthusiasm and excitement.Luck be with us, the sun shone yesterday & today so they were able to play outside. They take after their mom with the most wonderful imaginations, it's so refreshing to listen to them explore the woods and garden.Tomarrow morning they'll march back out to the mini-van back to their home of homeschooling, violen, sewing and reading. Little James (3yrs.) still can't get the grandma and grandpa thing down.I'm still Grandpa, no matter what I say to him. Funny!

Here are some highlights & thoughts that have made up my week.

the house finches returned


A new book!

sin verses weakness

hellebore in bloom

peanut butter Easter eggs

Two more episodes of "Castle"

Refrigerator cleaned!


Wishing you all a lovely week~


  1. Well done for the Fridge. We all sympathise with that one!

    Best wishes, Cro.

  2. It has been a lovely weekend. Thanks, Mom. ...and your frig smells great.

  3. nice post :)

    btw.. thanks a lot for leaving a comment on my post.. :) that was really so kind of you!