Wednesday, March 3, 2010

conquer the blackberries...

My idea was to tackle the blackberries yesterday but I saw so much yard clean up I never came face to face with them.Blackberries grow like a weed here, its a never ending battle. Hence the goats! They need to earn their keep, and they adore blackberries. We need to figure a way to stake them out, or put more fence up.

I let the ducks out while I was in the yard to keep an eye on them, oh , have I told you how much I love ducks! There so cute waddling around the yard eating all the slugs and snails. So, I called my Manly Man to see if I should let the Guinea Hens out. He assured me they'd be fine. They weren't. They immediately flew to the neighbors trees, loudly made their funny noise and drove the neighbors dog crazy.I couldn't do anything about it. Later in the afternoon they were flying from roof to roof driving the neighbors crazy.It was kinda funny, but not. They finally flew into the woods. My Manly Man went looking for them this morning and they were no where to be found. Hopefully they flew off never to be found again!

Columbine are up.

Hellebore beautiful Hellebore! Please admire them they so deserve it.

My daughter has resurrected our little corner garden, isn't it cute!

I'm having a special time with myself today, I'll let you know tomarrow where that'll take me.


  1. I'm sad the quinea hens absconded. I'll miss their crazy noises...and who will kill the rats now?

  2. OOh! I can't wait to come see Rachel's cut garden. She has magical gardening skillz! Man, Linda! You are getting super popular! Where are all your new followers coming from?

  3. Lia, still can't find the hens!I know it's kinda sad. Daddy said he noticed that his duck feed didn't go down so fast when they were in there.(no rats?)

    Beth! I have no idea where they are coming from they really read it an accident?.....but I love it

  4. We too once had Guinea Fowl, but it was the rats that got THEM. I hope yours enjoy their freedom, and don't succumb to the same fate as ours.

    Bisou, Cro.

  5. Black Berries! Yes, we have them too and are grateful for our goats - they love them. We also have a wild and invasive morning glory that is a treat to the goats, thank goodness!

  6. Me again - I was looking at your shopping post, on Joy Works. It looked like such a cute place that I googled it and - it's in the town that's been recommended to me as a great place to look for treasures when The Great Dane and I head over the border for a break next weekend. I'll have to look for it! Thanks for the tip.

  7. Your corner garden is adorable!

    Your Columbine IS up! Now I must admit, I'm nervous because mine has not yet made its appearance *crosses fingers that her Columbine isn't dead*...

    We're in the middle of the city and still struggle with blackberries! Of course, we just got it all torn out and decided to promptly plant raspberries! ;) Oh, well, these are well-established and -contained raspberries, at least! (Wish me luck?)

  8. promise your columbine will come up its such a trooper. oh, raspberries are so much nicer than blackberries you'll love them! We need to get our patch cleaned out, they do take proper care though and we've neglected ours. good for you guys!